County has own BP oil spill

12_oil-0214OIL SPILL  — An individual opened a valve on this oil tank on the Valier-Cut Bank Hwy. The spill that let out about 400 gallons was contained in the berm built up around the oil tank.  Photo courtesy of LeAnn Hermace, DES county coordinator




A valve on an oil storage tank was opened sometime on Sunday near the Valier-Cut Bank highway.

It is located on a hill about three quarters of a mile from Medicine Creek. The oil did not get into the creek.

LeAnn Hermance Pondera County DES Coordinator estimated that about 400 gallons of oil had spilled out of the storage tank.

Clean up crews from the oil company were using a vacuum truck and a backhoe to remove dirt soaked with oil.

The oil was contained in a berm around the tank that was previously put in and is required to be around oil tanks.

Originally the spill was thought to be in Glacier County and they dispatched a deputy to the scene who confirmed it was in Pondera County.

If you have information about this act of vandalism, contact the Sheriff’s office at 271-4060.

In other acts of vandalism, an individual(s) are using mail boxes and irrigation pipe for target practice.

If you have any information on these acts of vandalism, the PCSO could use your help. Contact them at the above phone number.