Conrad School Board to review eligibility policy

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By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

The Conrad School Board is scheduled to hold a special meeting on Aug. 4 to review the High School Eligibility Policy.

The policy that was approved last July after six school staff meetings and two school board meetings was in its first year of enactment and has been a highly debated topic in the community over the last year.

The eligibility requirement at CHS was altered from the Montana High School Association rule which only required a student to pass four classes to be eligible for extracurricular activities.

The new policy made it that a student with an F for a semester grade in any class would not be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity for that week.

Each student is allowed one probation period per semester.  Ineligible students are allowed to practice for the activity but are not allowed to compete or travel with the team.  Grades are based on the student’s current semester grade in each class.

This meeting will allow the board to hear from the community and decide what changes if any need to be made to the policy.

Conrad Superintendent Lynn Utterback commented on the review, “The meeting will allow the board to review the policy and make sure people that want input, have it.”

If you have any feelings positive or negative about the High School Eligibility Policy then you are encouraged to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. at the CHS Auditorium.