Zumba Gold coming soon to a dance floor near you

Are you tired and out of shape, but want to get back to feeling good.  But at the same time, you don’t want to lift a five pound weight.

That being the case Cassie DeVries may have just the answer to your new way to fitness development.

Zumba Gold is coming to a town near you, specifically Conrad.

Taught by DeVries, Zumba gold is a series of fitness programs designed to take Latin and international dance rhythms, created in the original Zumba program, and bring them to the active older adult.

It is also for the beginner participant.

DeVries tells the I-O that Zumba gold creates a party-like atmosphere, is easy and effective and great for the mind, body and soul of the active older adult population.

So just who is the “older active adult?” Not necessarily categorized by age alone, some of the things that might describe this group are:

Individuals are aging and may not be able to keep up in a high-energy class, but are still young in spirit.

They like to dance and grew doing the Jitterbug, Swing, Cha-Cha, and even the Hustle or the Twist (Chubby Checker ring a bell?).

They are looking for a group to have fun with and socialize. They want to feel like they have exercised, without feeling pain or getting hurt, and a large part of this group are Baby Boomers.

DeVries explains that Zumba gold is “exercise in disguise.” She went on to add, “This is a great sweat! Most folks say they are having a super time and don’t even realize they are exercising.”

The workout is a good way to burn off calories and as with any exercise program, along with a well-balanced nutrition program, it is more likely than not you will lose weight. Have fun and lose weight at the same time, how cool is that?

For more information on dates and times of the Zumba Gold classes, contact  DeVries at 271-9116.