Community Education Foundation Roundup

18_snowcones7933FOR FOUNDATION  — Blake Larson, Taya Dyer, Ariana Pruttis, Caden Huntsinger, Jette Pruttis and Nathan Pruttis were selling sno-cones last Tuesday with the proceeds going to a foundation in the name of Makiah Bartsch who recently passed away. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




Gary & Leo’s IGA of Conrad has teamed up again this year with the Conrad Community Education Foundation (CCEF) for the Conrad “Roundup” for Education.

Shoppers will have the opportunity to donate funds to the Conrad Community Education Foundation by “Rounding Up” their purchase of groceries to the next whole dollar amount.  The “Roundup” campaign that ran in the spring of 2009 raised over $1,800.  The money was used to purchase swim lessons for qualified individuals through the Caring for Kids Program.

If you are new to the Roundup, it works like this:  if your purchase totals $35.63, the checker will ask you if you would like to round that sale up to $36.00, thereby donating 37 cents to the foundation.  Shoppers will always have the option of declining.  The hope is that most shoppers will gladly donate those pennies for education.

The CCEF’s mission statement is “To develop and provide the resources for enhancing the education environment of Conrad Public Schools and community, with a goal of building Conrad Pride for generations past, present and future,”  says Karla Breding.

The Foundation does not raise money for scholarships like Dollar for Scholars; instead the purpose of the foundation is to support the educational opportunities and activities within the Conrad community and district.  In the past year, along with the swim lessons, CCEF has co-hosted the Cowboy football tailgate party, purchased a scorer’s table for the high school gym, a backdrop for the auditorium and worked on grant opportunities.

The Foundation hopes to build a base of funds to be able to contribute back to the community.  CCEF is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible.

An opportunity for annual membership is available by contacting any of the following board members:  Mark Gage, Shari Gianarelli, Vanessa Bucklin, Barb Judisch, Jay Taylor, Karla Styren, Wendy Judisch, Karla Breding, Christy Nelson, Lynn Utterback, Cheryl Schlepp and Shawn Fowler.

Gary & Leo’s IGA has been very helpful in taking on this project again and the Conrad Community Education Foundation is grateful to all the employees that will be involved in promoting this fundraiser, Breding added.

The planned starting date is Sept. 1.