20_8200LABOR DAY  — Flags were put out at Main Street businesses by the Knights of Columbus in honor of Labor Day on Monday. Traditionally Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer and is regarded as a day of rest and parties.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler

For the I-O by Chairman Ann Morren

Our Window on the World, a National Garden Club Standard (NGC) flower show was presented recently by the Conrad Garden Club.

This theme was inspired by the classic windows in the historic Arnot’s building downtown.

Our view of Conrad, the area of life in general depends upon “our window on the world” and this theme allowed the community to share their perspectives.

This show was a NGC flower show, which meant that certain requirements outlived by the NGC, Inc. must be met.

The goals of a flower show include education, encouragement and community participation.

The show was preceded by two free workshops on horticulture and design to encourage community participation.

There were three divisions in the show: Horticulture – exhibiting vegetables, flowers and plants grown by the exhibitor; Design – expressive arrangements using flowers and plant material not necessarily grown by the exhibitor; and special Exhibits Youth, Educational, artistic Craft and Sponsored Group. A total of 112 classes were offered.

A variety of top awards may be given, including an Award of Merit, Junior Achievement, Designer’s Choice, Petite, Education and Sweepstakes.

The Sweepstakes award is given to the winner of the greatest number of blue ribbons in a division.

This year Sweepstakes awards went to Elmer Crawford for Horticulture and Linda Field for Design.

Junior Achievement awards were given to two age groups, to Kaydia Norris and Andrea Morren.

Awards of Merit were given in the areas of: Annuals, Biennials and Perennials, Bulbs and Corns, Roses and Fruits and Vegetables.

Education awards went to Marilyn Waite and Cheryl Gresczyk. A Petite award went to Linda Field and the Designer’s Choice award was given to Darlene Denzer.

Other award winners included Afton Lamoreaux, McKenzie Graye, Steven Norris, Cadhla Norris, Carol Michel, a Design award in memory of Helen Baumann, and to Alice Iverson for Design Sweepstakes.

New this year was the Sponsored Group section.

Residents of the Pondera Nursing Home and Extended Care Unit participated in a Garden Therapy program presented by the Conrad Garden Club and were invited to enter the planter boxes they filled.

There were 13 stunning boxes entered in the show.