County puts equipment bids under advisement for now

County commissioners received bids for new machinery for the Road Department and put them under advisement.

Two bids were for asphalt reclaiming equipment and three were for the purchase of mowers.

One bid was from Normont Equipment for a Zanetis Road Hog for $114,264 and an optional trailer for $8,510 for a total of $122,774.

The second bid was from Asphalt Zipper for an AZ600 model, $129,950. An option for a trailer was $12,000 and other options were for $13,890 or $155,840.

There were three proposals for the purchase of new mowers.

The first bid was from Tilleman for a Schulte brand mower for $16,900. A second mower would be $16,600 (each) and three could be purchased for $16,300 each.

The second bid was from Normont Equipment for a Diamond brad mower.

One mower would cost $17,410, two would be $16,380 (each) and three would be $15,990 (each).

Frontline Ag submitted a bid for a John Deere for $14,400. It was noted they did not include the required bond.

The commissioners put all five bids under advisement in order to give them time to study the equipment brochures.

Ken Wheeler, Senior was on hand to talk to the commissioners about a possible business start-up.

If there is enough interest, he would purchase the equipment to apply magnesium chloride (a dust control compound) to private roads in the county.

He was wondering if the county had been approached by people interested in this type of service. There was discussion on the topic and the commissioners said they had been approached on occasion.

The state has applied a dust control chemical to a small portion of one of the county roads and it was effective for dust containment.

No action was taken and further inquiries from the public will be referred to Wheeler.

The commissioners were approached by Cliff Gustafson for the use of a county-owned backhoe by a volunteer for work at Swift Dam park.

The park is county-owned and the volunteer is an employee of the Road Department and an experienced backhoe operator.

There was discussion between John Stokes and the commissioners on the request, issues of workers’ comp and liability insurance, as well as the standing policy that does not allow for the use of county equipment for work in off hours.
In this instance, the commissioners determined they would not allow the use of the equipment.

The commissioners, on a motion by Joe Christiaens and a second by Cynthia Johnson moved to approve the preliminary plat for the Six Pack Minor Subdivision.

The approval was subject to some conditions which included a certificate of a title abstractor showing the names of the owners of record of the land to be subdivided and the names of any lien holders or claims of record against the land and the written consent to the subdivision by the owners of the land to accompany the approved final plat when it is presented to the Clerk and Recorder for filing.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. to conduct county business in the office at the courthouse.
The meeting is open and the public is always welcome to attend.