Commissioners have light agenda

The commissioners had a light business schedule to address on Wednesday. They approved a task order to the master contract for the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Training grant.

The task order will provide the county with funding in the amount of $34,207 for services provided from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31.

Two excavation agreements were approved, one for the New Miami Colony to engage in excavation on and under the Conrad-Dupuyer Road.

The other was requested by 3 Rivers Communications for exaction on and under Robare Lane for the purpose of installing new phone cable and to re-route around a new substation.

In other business, the commissioners moved and approved the SuperAWOS Netlink Monitoring contract with satellite backup with Potomac Aviation Technology Corp., to monitor and maintain the weather at the Conrad Airport.

The contract is for one year and the option to renew each year for an additional nine years.

The county will pay $150 per year for the service.

Resolution number eight was passed by the commissioners.

This will allow the Pondera County Disaster and Emergency Services (LeAnn Hermance) to maintain a mileage log and be reimbursed for mileage rates for travel to and from scheduled meetings and any travel in the course of job duties.

All items passed on a 2/0 vote by Sandy Broesder, commission chairman, and Joe Christiaens. Commissioner Cynthia Johnson was under able to be present on Wednesday.