Absentee ballots going out at a steady rate

The Pondera County elections’ office has been issuing absentee ballots for the Nov. 2 General Election at a steady rate.

If you have not received your absentee ballot, please contact the office at 271-4000.

With just a few weeks until the election, the office has issued more than 630 absentee ballots. In the federal elections of 2008, a total of 567 absentee ballots were issued for the primary election and 1,179 were issued for the general election. In the June 2010 primary, Pondera County absentee ballots were sent to 637 voters.

Most of the voters who have chosen to vote by absentee ballot have also requested to be placed on the permanent absentee ballot list.

Any registered voter may vote by absentee ballot, even if the voter is capable of voting in person on election day.  Many voters simply prefer the convenience and ease of voting at home.  You can also vote at the courthouse at the time of your request.

A request form may be completed at the Clerk and Recorder’s office on the main floor of the courthouse, or you can simply write a request for a ballot.

Address your request to Clerk and Recorder, 20 Fourth Ave. SW, Conrad, 59425, or fax it to  271-4070.

Include your name, birth date, current residence address and the address to which you want the ballot mailed, if different from your residence address.

You must sign the request.  You can have someone pick up your ballot for you, but you must indicate that designation when requesting an absentee ballot.  Otherwise, the ballot will be mailed to the voter.  Requests must be in writing and you must sign the request.

The signature will be checked against the signature on your voter registration card before the ballot is issued.

New legislation in effect this year provides that a person holding a power of attorney for an absent uniformed services elector may request an absentee ballot on behalf of the absent person.

A copy of the power of attorney must accompany the request. The ballot cannot be voted by the person holding the power attorney as the law only applies to requesting a ballot.   The request by power of attorney is only allowed for military personnel.

Absentee ballots can be requested and issued up to noon on  Nov. 1  the day before the election, and all voted ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. election day.