Be aware, it’s School Bus Safety Week

School Bus Safety Week is a special time to remind everyone how important it is to follow safe practices around school buses so drivers can get riders to and from school safely.

Here are some tips to follow:

Messages for students:  Never cross close to the front or back of the bus; make sure the driver can see you.

Never pick up anything you drop close to or under the bus; ask the driver what to do.  Never run after a bus or bang on the side; you could slip and fall under the bus.

If you must cross the street in front of the bus, follow the driver’s directions, and stop and look before crossing.  Never run across a street; it’s better to miss the bus than rush and risk being hit by a car.

Stay away from the rear and sides of the bus; always be in a safe place where the driver can see you.

Messages to the motoring public:

Never pass a school bus when its stop lights are flashing.  Be extra vigilant around school areas and bus stops; assume a child might run out at any moment.

Be courteous to school buses; give them room and let them change lanes when they need to.  Please do not park in designated loading and unloading zones; buses need plenty of room to manauever.