Baker, Supreme Court candidate visits Conrad

27-baker_1358Montana Supreme Court candidate Beth Baker was in Conrad Tuesday to discuss her campaign to serve as the newest justice on the Court. Baker stopped in Browning, Cut Bank and Shelby as well.

Baker noted that she has worked for two attorney generals, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, and that both have endorsed her.

Former Attorney General and Governor Marc Racicot, as well as former Attorney General Joe Mazuerk both strongly support her candidacy.

Baker said that bi-partisan support is especially important since judicial elections in Montana are non-partisan.

“Politics have no place in our state’s highest court,” Baker said, “and I am truly honored to have the support of so many Montanan - senior citizens, sportsmen, business leaders and working families, farmers and police officers - Republicans and Democrats alike.”

Baker also said her broad support shows that, in her 25 years of legal experience, she has earned a reputation for fairness and integrity. In addition to nearly 12 years with the Montana Department of Justice, Baker has worked in private practice for the past 10 years.

Baker believes that Montana’s legal system should be understandable and open to all. Throughout her career, she has volunteered hundreds of hours to represent people who could not afford a lawyer. In 2006, her efforts to ensure equal access to justice for all Montanans, regardless of wealth or education, earned her the State Bar of Montana’s Professionalism Award for her extensive work in “the spirit of public service”.

Baker and her husband Tim have been married 26 years and they reside in Helena. The couple enjoys spending time together in Montana’s outdoors and with their two Labradors. “Montana is such an amazing place,” noted Baker.

Baker graduated from the University of Montana-School of Law in 1985.

For more information, refer to her website