Saxophobia first PAC concert at CHS auditorium

Rob Verdi, master saxophone player for 27 years at Disneyland, will perform Nov. 18 at the new Conrad High School Auditorium.

The concert titled Saxophobia begins at 7 p.m. Advance tickets will be sold at Olson’s Drug and at the Orpheum Theatre. Verdi, who has been collecting saxophones of all types and sizes for many years, will play a large number of his 35 saxes during the concert.

The saxophone was created by Belgian born inventor Adolphe Sax in about 1847. Since that time a number of variations on Sax’s great creation have taken form, including some very unusual kinds. Among these the show will feature the following examples: a sopranino – the smallest sax in the world; a huge six and a half foot contrabass; a slide sax manufactured only from 1928-1931; an original 1880 Adolphe Sax tenor and a myriad group of others.

Some famous saxophone pieces by legendary artists to likely be played are Yakety Sax, Pink Panther theme and Girl from Ipanema.

Jan Carter, Alice Garman and Helen Elliott heard Verdi play a sampling of his Saxophobia program last November at a Montana Arts Consortium Talent Showcase in Fort Benton. Verdi was given an A+ and engaged for the upcoming concert.

An added plus will be the opportunity to hear Saxophobia in the new CHS auditorium which has great high tech equipment, says Elliott.