Winters here, get those rain gutters cleaned

28_colin-8788CLEAN GUTTERS  — Colin Vietch shows the power unit that can clean out your gutters of leaves just in time for the winter. The unit extends to 24 feet so two story houses can be done without having to get up on a ladder.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





A summer’s accumulation of leaves and debris in your home’s gutters can produce severe drainage problems.

If left unattended to, rain and snow can build up in your rain gutters, rotting the siding and even running into your interior walls.

Your rain gutters and down pipes need to be flushed out at least once a year.

Getting up on your roof is a daunting task and unnecessary thanks to a new enterprise just starting up in Conrad.

‘Task Force’ is a new business specializing in home exterior cleanup.

They can pressure wash your rain gutters and down pipes without ever leaving the ground.

Colin Vietch tells the I-O he came up with the idea after cleaning out his gutters. “I thought there might be others who would want this done but didn’t want to climb up ladders or get on roofs.”  He went on to add, “I knew where I could get this cleaner that extends out to 24 feet and I already had the power washer, and the rest just came together.”

Even if you own a two-story home or building, their equipment can reach up to 24 feet from ground level to flush unwanted leaves and debris from rain gutters and down pipes.

‘Task Force’ can also wash your home’s exterior walls and windows, power-wash your driveway, clear snow, and in the warmer weather, manicure lawns, trim hedges and rototill gardens.

They will even wash your car. To contact them for questions or further information, call 271-3128.