Tournaments successful; Farkell speaks at CofC

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Joel Farkell was the featured speaker at the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday at the Coaches Corner.

Before Farkell gave his address there were a number of reports, one being from the schools and Lynn Utterback, superintendent of schools.

He noted that the recent tournaments were very successful and there were hundreds of requests for walk-throughs of the newly remodeled school auditorium.

Utterback said that the Choteau school principal was given a quick indoctrination of what was once the old CHS gym and then he gave tours to the Choteau people.

He noted that the Super 8 had four teams staying there, many people checked out the city and downtown, the PMC sponsored the hospitality room and Stockman Bank and Farm Credit Service did a great job.

Concessions at the two tournaments were taken care of by Close-Up parents and those students who are going to participate in the trip back to Washington,  D.C.

Ken Larson, the CHS principal commented that the superintendent of Glasgow said, “You are living in paradise” and the Choteau principal noted that “Conrad hit a home run.”

The 6-C tournament made about $3,300 and the 1-B Northern Divisional made about $6,800.

Larson said that the referees would all get paid and all the schools would get some money back and, “that makes them very happy.”
In other reports, re-elected commissioner Sandy Broesder said a new website would be up shortly, work was progressing on the remodel of the community center and there are plenty of vaccine for flu shots, “So be sure and contact the health department.”

Senator elect Llew Jones commented that state revenue collecting is lagging and Montana is in 50th place in Workman’s Comp, “not where we want to be.”  He also said he looked forward to having Rob Cook as part of the process.

Mary Erickson from the Pondera Medical Center reported that the first Ghost Chaser run was successful and helped to raise funds for the local Food Pantry.

Newly elected HD-27 representative, Rob Cook participated in the event and said it was a lot of fun.

Farkell is the training and PIO officer for the Conrad Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) and with the annual Fireman’s Fundraiser, as it is called now, coming up on Nov. 27 he was on hand to talk about the CVFD.

Right now the department has 18 men and, “We are always looking to get that number up,” he said.

Of the department, they have the only jaws-of-life extrication emergency equipment in the county and while mandated to have a minimum of 30 hours a year of practice and instruction, the members of the department average over 50 hours and are working more with out-of-county departments like Cut Bank and Shelby in case there are major fires.

They also work with DNRC on state land fires and with Shelby and BNSF on train fires and NorthWestern Energy on transmission fires.

Each year the CVFD does fire prevention programs in the elementary schools and that includes Head Start, the Conrad Christian School and the Hutterite Colony.

A new  program has firemen doing a walk-through of  local businesses and schools and apartments so in case of an emergency and fire they will be better prepared and have a better idea of what they face.

He also touched on the Smoke Detector Program. If you need a smoke detector, you can get one free from the CVFD. They will even come and install it for you.

And, if you need to use one, they also have a chimney sweep  that is  available from Helen’s Consignment in the Downtown Mall.

If you are interested in joining up with the department, have questions, need more information or would like to make a donation, contact Farkell at 581-6243.