Valier makes two requests of county

30_deer09TWO PLUS TWO  — These two nice bucks were captured by the camera just west of town. In the foreground are two pheasants sharing their ground break with the deer. There was also a doe and fawn, but that pair were camera shy and stayed back in the break behind the bucks.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




Tom Hoover of Valier met  with the county commissioners at their regular business meeting on Wednesday morning.

Hoover was representing the mayor of Valier regarding the possibility of the county and Valier entering into an agreement whereby the county could grade the gravel streets in Valier a couple of times each summer.

Hoover noted that if an agreement could be worked out, Valier could avoid the expense of purchasing or leasing a grader and the county would receive extra revenue for the road department.

The commissioners suggested he meet with John Stokes from the county road department regarding the expenses involved and have the Town of Valier submit a proposal for consideration by the commissioners.

On another possible proposal, he spoke of the possibility of vacant airport land northeast of the fence and south of Dupuyer St. be developed in a softball-baseball field.

Valier no longer has a regulation field for the older players. An existing baseball field had to be given up to relocate part of a water system equipment there.

Hoover was advised that the commissioners and-or the county attorney would have to check into the federal and state aviation regulations and restrictions before giving the town a final decision.

Normally, the commissioners may have to deal with one or two abetments. However. at this meeting there were 58. Forty-six were for cancellations for a total of $3,345.44 and dealt with values before reappraisal and Ag land productivity.

There were 12 add-ons for a total of $70.21. The abatements, 762-821, were all approved by the commission.

A 3x3x5 wood fuel pump house was declared surplus property and it was sold to Pat Hall for $25.

Commissioner Joe Christiaens, Clerk of Court Kara Thompson, Undersheriff Jeff Pruttis and Clerk and Recorder Janice Hoppes met and canvassed the General Election returns.

The canvassed returns were approved and the official results would be entered in the Clerk and Recorder’s records.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in their courthouse office, 20 4th Ave. SW, to conduct business. The public is always welcome.