Local Home Health ranked among the ‘tops’ nationally


HOME HEALTH CREW  — From front to back are Jamyne Richardson, Val Elings, Mary Johns, Gloria Griggs, Krista Keiper, Janette VanLuchene and Laura Erickson. The local Home Health crew was recently ranked in the 90th percentile nationally.  Photo courtesy of Lisa Hanson, PMC



Mary Johns, RN, Pondera Medical Center’s Home Health manager, received notification from the RN Project Coordinator with the Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) national campaign that the home health agency is ranked in the 90th percentile across the nation for their low acute care hospitalization rates and their oral medication management rates.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) contracts with the West Virginia Medical Institute and Quality Insights to facilitate this national initiative to improve home health quality.

The Pondera Home Health Agency (PHHA) is one of over 7,000 home health agencies across the nation that participates in this campaign.

By participating, PHHA is demonstrating their commitment to quality and improved patient care to their referral sources and the entire community served by the agency.

It receives the benefit of free support via resources, networking opportunities, agency, state and national benchmarking reports based on CMAS dates.

This particular accomplishment qualifies the agency to register for the HHQI “Agency of the Month.”

Submission of the agency’s best practices are included in the registration and if selected, the Agency of the Month receives national recognition by having their logo placed on the HHQI web site.

The best practices utilized by the agency to reach their high level of performance are shared with all agencies across the nation.

Johns commented that, “This accomplishment is truly a team effort and involves several departments within the PMC.”

Janette VanLuchene is the Medical Records Manager who provides the diagnosis coding for the agency.

Laura Erickson, RN, is PMC’s Case Manger who works closely with physicians, patients, families and home health staff to ensure appropriate, after discharges from inpatient settings, Jamyne Richardson, PT, MHA, and Krista Keiper, OTR/L, provide therapy services for home health as well as inpatient and outpatient services for the hospital.

Gloria Griggs, RN, is the clinical nurse who provides in-home visits and Valerie Elings is the secretary/patient accounts representative for the agency.

The agency is also represented by a group of community members who act in an advisory role to review policies and procedures and the overall program operation.

The Home Health Advisory board members currently are Charlotte Hovde, Jackie Bonser, Dr. Patricia Grena, Karla Styren, L. Erickson, Rosemarie Iverson, Marjorie Hause, Ruth Hartsell and Debbie Pate.

In addition to the national recognition, the agency received a deficiency-free survey conducted by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human services certification Bureau.

“Our staff continues to demonstrate excellence in care in all of our surrounding areas,” says Johns. “We provide services in Conrad, Brady, Dupuyer, Valier and all areas within Pondera County.”

November is National Home Care Month and the dedicated staff of PHHA is celebrating the work that they perform every day, all year  long.

The agency goal for all patients is to achieve optimum wellness and independence in the comfort of their own homes.

If you have questions or would like more information about what Home Health can do for you, contact Johns at the PMC, 271-3211.