‘In by Christmas, that’s the goal’ for the new senior citizen center

Bids were solicited for completion of the renovation and remodeling project at the community center in Conrad on Virginia St.

Pheasant Run Builders out of Great Falls submitted the only bid

The base bid was for $650,000 with four deductive alternates.

The first was for $64,490 for an asphalt parking lot. The second was concrete curbing and flatwork for $6,473. The third was $43,916 for floor finishes for the entire project, and the fourth was for $26,268 for wall tape and paint for the entire project.

An additional alternate bid was for a fire alarm system for $18,004.

The commissioners took the bid under advisement for discussion.

The commissioners, Sandy Broesder, Cynthia Johnson and Joe Christiaens, and Dale Nelson of Nelson Architects discussed the funding available for the two grants and other sources.

The deductive alternates, numbers 1-2, can be put off until a later date.

The floor finishes and wall tape and paint, numbers 3-4, need to be done and may be able to be funded from a different source than the two grants presently awarded.

The remodeling project at the community center is funded by an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant and/or the Community Development Block Grant.

It was noted that the additional alternate of adding the fire alarm is not required, however, it would be if the anticipated occupancy were to be 300 people or more.

Presently, the estimated occupancy is set at 250 people.

Nelson commented that, “It would be more economical to do the fire system at this time than to put in a system after the work is finished.

Commissioner Johnson wanted to know when work could be started on the project.

Nelson told the commissioners, “We’re pushing to get seniors in by Christmas, that’s our goal.”

Christiaens commented, “We’ll have to move on the bid if we want in by Christmas.”

Broesder nodded and said, “I’m thinking a decision by Monday.”

With that deadline in place and until further funding questions can be resolved, it was decided that the bid could be awarded on Wednesday with the alternates approved as funding is determined. The base bid, minus the four alternates was accepted. The fire alarm alternate was approved at this time, bringing the award package to $526,857.

The deductive alternates, 1-4, will be awarded within 30 days as funding from other sources is determined.

In other business, the commissioners received the final closeout report from Robert Peccia and Associates for the FFA funded Conrad Airport Runway Rehab Project of 2008.

Included in the report were two bills for the amount for $9,365 and $1,610 for professional services.

Johnson moved to table the payment of the invoices until further study of the matter was done. The motion passed on a 3-0 vote.

A resolution, R-15, was passed dealing with prosecutorial assistance service for County Attorney Mary Ann Ries who is out of state until Dec. 6.

Joe Coble, Teton County Attorney, will act as Special Deputy Pondera County attorney until Dec. 6.

No fee will be charged, however he will receive 50 cents per mile for mileage from Teton County to Conrad.

The commissioners approved the purchase of kitchen equipment from the Dutton/Brady School District to be placed in the new community center for $1,000.

The equipment includes a three compartment sink, a commercial disposal, an eight foot stainless steel prep table, ice machine and a butcher block table.

The items will be paid for from the State Allocated Federal Mineral Royalties Fund.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday in the courthouse at 10 a.m. The public is always invited to attend the business meetings.