Policy surveys coming in

More than 170 rural Pondera County landowners have completed and mailed in their Growth Policy surveys.

In mid-November, the County’s Growth Policy Committee sent the survey to a random sample of about 560 rural landowners to learn about their views on issues in Pondera County.

As of Nov. 29, 30 percent of the survey recipients have completed and returned their survey.

The Growth Policy Committee set a goal of receiving back 50 percent or 280 surveys. Achieving this would mean that the survey results will be a statistically accurate reflection of the entire county.

This information will be used to shape the Growth Policy, or comprehensive plan, in a way that responds to the preferences of most rural landowners in the county.

To encourage responses, the survey includes a drawing for complimentary prizes donated by Big Sky Equipment Company. Prizes include two $50 gift certificates for dinner at local restaurants.

Cheryl Curry of the Pondera County Port Authority said, “We are still accepting survey responses and we encourage everyone who received a survey to complete it and mail it back.”

Curry was appointed by the County Commissioners to coordinate the work of the Growth Policy Committee.

The Committee will continue to accept surveys until the end of December.

“We would really like to hear more people’s views on land use, development, and infrastructure issues,” added Curry. “This is probably the best and most convenient way for rural landowners to have a voice in the process.”

Earlier this year, the Pondera County Commissioners appointed a Growth Policy Committee to develop a draft Growth Policy or comprehensive plan for the county. The Growth Policy is intended to guide the future growth and development of the county.

The input from landowner survey will help the county prepare a new Growth Policy for the county. The committee is working with the planning consultants to prepare the plan. The committee intends to present a plan early next year to the county commissioners for their approval.

Persons with questions about the survey should contact Curry at (406) 271-7237 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Information on the project is available at www.ponderaportauthority.com.