Science students do well at Olympiad in Bozeman

34_science31SCIENCE TEAM — Students from UMS and CHS recently participated in the Science Olympiad in Bozeman. From the left in front are Sheridan Johnson, Nicole Erickson, Ali Wakkinen and Andrea Awtrey. In the middle are CJ O’Connor, Alex Nesbo, Caitlin Bach, Quinn Gianarelli, Jonyx Herron and Hannah Richey. In the back are Science Coach Monica Tomayer, Alex Widhalm, Alex Richey, Kyle Linn and Morgan Jones.  Photo courtesy of UMS




Students from UMS and CHS  practiced for two months in preparation for the State Science Olympiad competition on Nov. 23 in Bozeman.

Competing for the middle school team are the following participants, followed by a description of the event and their placement out of 32 teams.

Middle school teams consist of sixth-ninth grade students.  Overall the team took 26th place.

Sheridan Johnson and Nicole Erickson competed in Anatomy.  This event encompasses the anatomy (structure and function) of the muscular and respiratory systems and the effect of aging and diseases on them. The girls earned sixth place.

Ali Wakkinen and Nicole Erickson competed in Ornithology.  This event tested the girl’s knowledge of North American birds, basically everything there is to study about birds. The girls earned 25th place.

Jonyx Herron competed in Fossils by identifying the plants and animals in fossils and the age of the fossil.  She earned 15th place.

Andrea Awtrey, Hannah Richey and Alex Richey competed in Experimental Design, where they had to designing a scientific method project from start to finish.  They earned ninth place.

Andrea Awtrey and Hannah Richey competed in Write It, Do It.  This event someone writes about a crazy looking object, the other builds from the writing.  This year they used candy for the object, which enticed several students to eating a piece of the puzzle.  The girls took 19th place.

Alex Richey and Morgan Jones competed in Crime Busters.  Given a scenario, a collection of evidence, and possible suspects, students will perform a series of tests.  The test results along with other evidence will be used to solve a crime.  The guys earned 23rd place.

Sheridan Johnson and Ali Wakkinen competed in Optics, where the girls had to answer a series of questions related to geometric and physical optics and complete a laser activity. They earned 18th place.

Jonyx Herron competed in Solar System, where she answered questions about the Sun, planets, their satellites, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, the asteroid belt, meteoroids, Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt. She earned 26th place.

This year competing for the high school team were:

Alex Widhalm and Alex Nesbo competed in Write It Do It. This event was explained above. The girls earned eighth  place out of 29 teams.

CJ O’Connor, Kyle Linn and Quinn Gianarelli competed in experimental design. This event was also explained above.  The guys placed 17th.

Alex Nesbo and Caitlin Bach competed in Disease Detective.  Students used their investigative skills in the scientific study of disease, injury, health and disability in populations or groups of people with a focus on food borne illness.   The girls earned 22nd place.

Alex Widhalm and Caitlin Bach also built a bridge but it broke before the competition. CJ O’Connor, Kyle Linn and Quinn Gianarelli also were not able to compete with their Mission Possible device because of broken parts.

The weather did prevent many teams from attending this year. Over 20 different teams didn’t compete.

The middle and high school teams are coached by Monica Tomayer.