P.O. asks public to help with access to mailboxes

Winter storms and the cold, snow and ice are here, making it more challenging for letter carriers to deliver your mail.

The Conrad Post Office reminds postal customers to always clear a safe, accessible path to your mailboxes. Please follow these steps.

Make sure your mailbox itself is visible and free of snow and ice and make sure it is safely accessible for your letter carrier. Clear your mailbox area of snow, sleet, slush, ice and debris.

If possible, do not park your vehicles in front of your mailbox. Combined with the snowy and icy conditions, this can make it very difficult for your letter carrier to access and deliver to your mailbox.

If mailboxes are blocked off and conditions are too difficult, letter carriers must consider safety and accessibility first. Letter carriers are instructed not to deliver to mailboxes and locations they consider having access too difficult or unsafe.

The U.S. Postal Service, the Conrad Post Office and postal letter carriers greatly appreciate your support.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Ryan Christiaens, Office in Charge at the Post Office at 278-5863