Cowgirls rock Cascade 58-42, cage Shelby Coyotes, 48-34

40_gbb_7152SET TO GO  — Cowgirl Taylor Judisch is ready to launch a free throw on a technical against Shelby with just 2.7 seconds to lay in the game. The Cowgirls line up at the half court line, most likely they are unaware they are under a ‘We’re #1’ poster. Conrad was number one on Saturday, stopping the Lady Coyotes 48-34 on their court.  I-O Photo by Barb Ender




The Cowgirl basketball team picked up two big road wins over the weekend.

Friday the team handily stopped the Badgers 58-42 and Saturday they pounded their next door neighbor, 48-34.

In Cascade, the home girls already held a 17-11 lead going in to the second quarter and then went to the locker room leading 27-18.

Over the second half they coasted to the win.

Junior Rashelle Johns and sophomore Moranda Brenteson both cashed in for a nifty night on the floor.

Both players hit for a double-double. Johnson pounded the boards for 16 rebounds and sliced up the nets for 15 points. She also had five steals on the night.

Brenteson matched Johns point total with 15 big scores of her own and pulled in 10 boards for a double-double game of her own.

Taylor Judisch, a sophomore, lit up the boards with 14 markers and was close to having a double-double game, as she collected eight rebounds.

Taylor Johnson went to the hoops for eight points and Erica Grubb had half of that number in her pocket while Kelli Fagan knocked down a basket to round out the scoring.

Conrad hit on 26 of 63 shots from the field and was 4-10 from the line.

Cascade hit on 16 shots from the floor and was 5-8 at the line.

Up the road in Coyote territory, the home girls  jumped out to a 12-6 lead, increased that to 14-5 in the second period and never looked back in depositing a 48-34 win into the ‘W’ column.

Johns had another good night from the field, leading all scorers with 16 points. Grubb packed home 12 scores of her own. Brenteson cashed in for eight, Judisch put down seven scores in the books and Johnson had a five spot.

The Cowgirls hit on 19-43 shots from the floor and were 10-18 at the line.

Shelby scored on 12 shots from the floor and had a good night at the line, going 8-10. The Cowgirls have three more games on the road before coming back home to play Choteau on Feb. 5.

Only playing a JV and varsity game with Choteau, the varsity contest will get going about an hour earlier than usual, at 6 p.m.