Annual absentee letters sent

On Jan. 21, letters were mailed to voters who had previously signed up for the annual or permanent absentee list, requesting the voter to update their address in order to receive their ballots by absentee for elections through January of 2012.

Even though the law refers to the list as “permanent” absentees, the voter needs to return an annual letter confirming the voter’s mailing address before an absentee ballot can be mailed to the voter.

The ballot can only be mailed once the confirmation card is received back from the voter.  Often voters move or will be away from their regular mailing address during the election cycle and the confirmation letter ensures that the voter has the opportunity to specify the correct mailing address for each election.

“Because of the requirement that voters confirm their mailing address each year, the more accurate term for this type of absentee request is the annual absentee list and you may hear reference to either term to describe the option,” notes Janice Hoppes, election administrator.

If the elector chooses all elections in which they are entitled to vote, the school district clerks conducting school elections will be notified of the elector’s request.

All other elections in the county are administered by the Election Administrator for the County and the record of the request will be at the County.

Confirmation letters should be mailed to the Election Administrator at Pondera County Courthouse, 20 Fourth Ave SW, Conrad,  59425-2340.