City OKs loan continuance to P.A., new faces at Park&Rec

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

With a light agenda and a light council the Monday evening meeting went fairly fast.

Mayor John Shevlin and Councilwoman Wendy Judisch were both absent, with permission, leaving Sandy Syvertson chairman to run the meeting with aldermen Wally McHenry and Karla Breding.

There was discussion and eventual voting action (passed) on R-1037 dealing with a revolving loan of $6,000 to the Pondera Regional Port Authority.

The full resolution may be viewed by interested parties at city hall during normal working hours.

On another passing vote, with a recommendation from Syvertson, Krista Keiper OTR/L and Jamey Byrnes, manager of the local IGA store, were appointed to the Park & Recreation board.

Another resolution, R-1038, was passed after some discussion. This deals with the city’s personnel manual job description for the city court judge and retroactive pay back to July 1.

The council approved March 17 for MMIA to use the facilities at Norley Hall and part of March 16 for educational meetings. The city will have four uses left for Norley Hall.

Chief Gary Dent presented his year-end police department officer activity report.

Department personnel, besides the chief, include Police Sergeant Jason Korst, Patrolman II Logan Martin, and Patrolmen I Scott Holbrook, Jered Milligan and Joe Leggett who is a part-time officer.

For 2010, Dent’s department handled 2,228 calls, up from the 2,207 they had last year, but not nearly as many as in 2008 when there were 2,444.

Formal complaints were up this past year, 269 in 2010, up from 242 in 2009. Officers gave out 316 warnings, had 25 DUI arrests, two more than in 2009 and they had a total of 459 arrests over the course of the year. That number is up from 416 the year before. The department has a 79 percent average of clearing complaints for 2010, did 514 residential security checks, investigated 28 major accidents and the total miles driven by the primary police vehicle was 40,225.

Domestic incidents over the past few years have fluctuated up and down. The 2010 year saw 66 such incidents, up from 60 the year before.

Over the course of the year there were 459 arrests; 252 traffic, 196 for misdemeanor and 11 felonies.

This is quite a jump from the 416 last year.

Felony arrests are referred to the District Court while all traffic citations and most misdemeanor arrests go through the city court judge.

Arrests for those under 15 are referred to the juvenile probation officer rather than the judge.

Officers picked up 72 dogs and 52 cats in 2010. Of those, three dogs and eight cats were euthanized.

The CPD takes part in a wide variety of crime prevention programs and community service activities, some of which include NNO (National Night Out), bike safety in the spring, DARE, home and business security checks, a vehicle lock-out service, Child-Find finger printing and ID program and the TIP line (Turn in a Pusher).

Officers will also come and talk to service organizations on crime and prevention. If you would like an officer to attend your meeting, contact Chief Dent at 271-5723.

There were no building permits to act on, however, there was one water issue involving Homer and Pat Giard.

The water at a residence they have can’t be shut off because the curb stop, six feet down, is bent and the tool to turn the water off can only get one foot down. While the problem was tabled for more information on Tuesday, by Friday a solution was found and the situation had been resolved.

The next regular meeting of the city council will be on Feb. 7, 7:30 p.m. in city hall at 411-1/2 S. Main Street. The public is always welcome to attend and see their government in action.