Officer resigns, new replacement coming

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By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

City council members acted on a full slate of police business on Monday evening.

First on the agenda was the acceptance of Officer Logan Martin who resigned. His wife has accepted a teaching position out of the area.

Following the acceptance, Chief Gary Dent recommended the hiring of Tom Kinyon to replace Martin, effective March 1. On a vote of 2-0 by Councilwoman Wendy Judisch and Alderman Wally McHenry the request was approved.

On a related matter the council, on a 2-0 vote, promoted Scott Holbrooke from Patrolman I to Patrolman II effective Feb. 1.

Dent also gave a monthly report to the council noting there were 192 calls during the month of January.

In part, there were four fights, three domestic situations, two accidents, 47 various assists that included 14 to the ambulance crew and seven rides home from the bars. There was one felony arrest. There are nine dogs and two cats in the pound.

In other business before the council, Librarian Carolyn Donath reported that water had seeped into the library basement and damage was done to their furnace.

It has been fixed with a repair bill of $1,447 submitted. Donath was on hand to see if there was a, “broken furnace fund.” City Finance

Officer Agnes Fowler commented that if the county hadn’t shorted the library in funding they would have had the money for repairs.

Judisch said the, “Big thing to do is to get the claim paid, that’s the big thing.” Council members moved to accept and pay the claim.

At 8 p.m. the regular meeting was closed for a public hearing for a conditional use permit at 120 S. Main Street. Deena Maier of Winddrift Hills would like to move a portion of her goat milk products and a small retail outlet into the vacant building.

On a 2-0 vote the council approved the permit request. The zoning board had met earlier and recommended approval for the permit to the council.

Helen Elliott, representing the Pondera Arts Council (PAC), was on hand to request $1,000 from the city.
Conrad has donated $6,800 over 10 years to PAC which for 13 year has been bringing quality entertainment to town.

She explained, “I’m doing what I can to help keep the Orpheum Theatre open.” It costs $43 a day to keep the theatre open, $250 for film rental, plus a percentage of the ticket money to rent the films.

In a 20 minute presentation, Elliott told the council, “We’re not going into the hole, but movie revenues are flat. Come to our rescue for $1,000, don’t let us go down the tubes.”

No action was taken by the council, this matter will be on the agenda for the next regular meeting on Feb. 21.

There were reports given from the Port Authority and Department of Public Works. The council approved two days of use of Norley Hall, Oct. 14-15, to CCEF the Conrad Community Education Foundation for an art auction.

The city will pay for one day and CCEF will pick up the tab for the other day.

The city council meets every first and third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in city hall, 411-1/2 S. Main Street.