Commissioners reappoint members to boards

At the regular meeting of the county commissioners on Wednesday, a number of county board members were reappointed to their respective boards.

They included Gary Brown and Duane Habets to the airport board; Everett Breding to the Conrad cemetery board and Donald Dodge to the Valier cemetery board; Pete McKeone and Pam McFarland to the public health board; Cliff Gustafson and Rita Christiaens to the park board, Mark Grubb and Sara Taliaferro to the planning board, Jamie Brownell to the tax appeal board and Claudia DeShazer to the Conrad TV board.

All these board terms run to 2013.

There were no abatements, contacts of agreements for the commissioners to act on.

A request from the road department for $4,980 to replace an overhead door at the Dupuyer Road shop was approved.

There was discussion about a CASE tractor being declared surplus property and ‘piece it out’ instead of selling out right. No action was taken on this item until more information is received.

Commissioners approved capital improvement plans for both the Conrad and Valier airports.

Any interested individual may view the plans in-full by checking with the commissioners during normal business hours.

Commissioners also moved to allow the Clerk and Recorder to begin the process of collecting delinquent real property taxes for the year 2007.

There will be no local meeting this week as the commissioners will be attending a MACo meeting in Helena.

The commissioners had their second public listening session on Feb. 16. These are for any individual wishing to talk about county concerns or issues.