County has no extra funds to help city with furnace

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Conrad Mayor John Shevlin was on hand at the county commission meeting on Wednesday to request help from the county to help pay for furnace repairs at the library.

He noted that any funds the county could contribute to that expense would be appreciated.

Readers may recall that water seepage in the basement of the library caused some furnace damage that resulted in a repair bill of $1,477.

Commission Chairman Cynthia Johnson told the mayor that, “We don‘t have any spare money lying around.” In fact, the county commissioners have been having discussions as to where cuts can be made.”

On another matter, the mayor and commissioners talked about the speed limit on the new road by the overpass.

The posted limits change over the short stretch of road and pose a safety hazard.

Mayor Shevlin stated that he has visited with Jim Combs of the Montana Department of Transportation and he agreed to take a look at the road and get back to him.

On a related matter, there was also some discussion about the sign placement for entering the Interstate north bound. Shevlin will also advise Combs of this concern and request an evaluation of sign placement or the need for additional signs.

The new county road recently completed by the County Road Department and providing access to I-15 for northbound traffic will be known as Legacy Road.

The commission, on a 2-0 vote, moved to pay the annual dues of $250 to the Northern Montana Oil and Gas Association.

A request from Joe Perry of the Rocky Mountain Front Noxious Weed Range Rider Project asked for the commissioners to form a resolution supporting a federal grant request for noxious weed control on the Rocky Mountain Front.

The group will compile a grant appropriations request and submit it, and another, through the office of Senator Max Baucus. This passed on a 2-0 vote.

An excavation agreement was approved, 2-0 vote, that will allow 3 Rivers Communications to engage in excavation on and under county roads described as Larson St., Otness St. and Edmonds St. in Brady for the purpose of installing a fiber optic cable to the cell site east of town.

Resolution-22 was passed which authorized a budget amendment and correcting a budget error.

The county was awarded a grant in the amount of $147,656 under the Montana Recovery Act and spent that amount. The budget for FY-2010/11 understated the allocated expense by $401.48.

The budget for Fund 2990 will be amended to from a prior amount of $73,580 to $73,981.48.

A memorandum of understanding between the Conrad Mission Church and County Health Department (PCHD) and the PCHD and the Pondera Medical Center was approved.

The agreement will permit the PCHD to use the church site for the purpose of dispensing and receiving and management of SNS supplies which includes vaccine and antibiotics that may be needed to respond to terrorist attacks, natural disasters or other large incidents.

The Mission Church agrees to permit the use of its facilities including their kitchen, restrooms, and parking are by the PCHD for the purpose of distribution clinics for which it may receive $200 daily.

The memorandum between the PMC and the PCHD is similar to the one with the Mission Church. Both resolutions may be read by interesting parties at the commissioner’s office during normal working hours.

The commission meeting every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in their office at the courthouse. The public is always invited and encouraged to attend.