Spanish Club working hard to raise funds for trip to Spain

46_spanish-9736COUPON COUPLE  — Spanish Club members Dallas VanLuchene and Nikki Linn were putting out discount coupons on certain items at Gary and Leo’s IGA store on Sunday afternoon. The coupons are a fund-raiser for the Spanish Club to help meet expenses for a trip to Spain this summer. For further details, read the article below.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

If you saw some CHS students scurrying around the IGA store on Sunday putting up product coupons on various products, you may have wondered what it was all about.

Spanish Club members senior Nikki Linn, juniors Ciara Bender, Dallas VanLuchene and Shanae Newmiller and sophomore Justine Desjardine are working hard to raise funds for a trip to Spain in June.

The coupons are for Proctor and Gamble items and may be used by the IGA customer or donated back.

The Spanish Club supervisor is Sam Vidal who teaches Spanish and History at the high school.

They plan to visit Madrid with a population of 2.9 million and Barcelona in the northeast part of  Catalonia. The Mediterranean seaport has a population of 3.9 million and should not be confused with a city of the same name in Venezuela.

They will also be traveling on to Paris, France.

“The purpose of the trip,” Vidal tells the I-O, “is to introduce the kids to a new culture and get them out of their element and to learn the language.”

In another recent fund-raiser, the Spanish Club served dinner and cleared the tables at the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet.

They have also sold pizza, Christmas wreathes and did candy grams at the high school to name a few.