Over $16,000 raised for Cancer Foundation

50_ccf_0107OH WOW!  — Mandy Younce reacts to getting the first perfect score of the evening at the Karaoke finals on Sunday evening. The event raised over $16,000 for the Community Cancer Foundation and was held at Ed’s Tavern. Jessica Klein of Great Falls placed first, Andrea Boehmler second and Cary Combs third.  Photo for the I-O courtesy of Carey Monohan

By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

The Community Cancer Foundation has tallied over $16,000 for this year’s Karaoke for Cancer competition. Saturday night’s round of finals raked in $13,000 of that.

This year’s tally is nearly double the amount of the previous years’ and the crowd inside of Ed’s Tavern was there as proof to the success of the evening. Bursting at the seams, the tavern was filled with people from all around the area and the guaranteed seating near the stage was sold out.

This year’s winners were Cary Combs of Conrad in third place, she received a $250 gift certificate to RadioShack, Andrea Boehmler of Conrad in second place, she received $500 cash, and Jessica Klein of Great Falls won the $1,000 grand prize.

Currently, the Cancer Foundation is helping 24 area residents going through treatment for cancer.