UMS principal named

By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

Tara Thielman has been named the principal of Utterback Middle School for the 2011-2012 school year. This is a part-time position as principal and a part-time position as Title One teacher. Greg Jensen will be the principal for both Prairie View and Meadowlark schools.

Phil Springer, CHS science teacher, will be the assistant golf coach to Todd Truscott and they have nine students on the team. Truscott was also at the board meeting to discuss the possibility of having a band music camp for upcoming fifth graders. This camp would begin two weeks before the beginning of the school year and would help the fifth graders get a jumpstart on band. For seven and a half hours of instruction, the cost would be $30 and this was approved. The camp would also be open to sixth graders and they would be in a separate advanced band group.

Prairie View School and Kim Hofstad recognized Danielle Bailey as their student of the month. She is the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bailey. Hofstad commented that she “helps make Prairie View a great place to be.”

Dan Brown acknowledged both Abby Moerkerke and Tyler Schultz as UMS students of the month. Moerkerke was absent to the meeting but she is the daughter of Joe and Stephanie Moerkerke. Schultz had great remarks said about him by the UMS staff. Tammy Jones commented on his half-devil and half-angel personality and said that “his smile is always a dead give-a-way.” Brown also said that he is “respectful and appropriate” and is also an “all around good hand” when referring to in the shop. Tyler is the son of Rocky and Alice Schultz.

Meadowlark’s student of the month, Hayden Dugan, was acknowledged by Linda Garnett. Garnett said that “she blazes her own trail” and “has an amazing journey ahead of her.” She is the daughter of Dustin and Cody Dugan, she is their third child to be praised as student of the month.

Nathan Kleinsasser was distinguished by Erik Gustafson as the CHS student of the month. He is a senior and his teacher Springer said, “He asks the questions that keep me on my toes.” He added that Kleinsasser is “truly deserving”. Nathan is the son of John and Maria Kleinsasser.

The technology report was given by Craig Barringer due to the absence of Jill Swanson and he said that they are currently looking to cut down on copying and printing costs.

Jim Carroll was happy to report that the high school gymnasium will host the 6C District volleyball tournament next year as well as the 1B District and 10C Divisional basketball tournaments for the next two years.

Ken Larson reported that prom was a success with 110 students attending. He made an extra note that 80 of them were still there at midnight which meant, “you know it’s a good prom”.

There will be a texting and driving seminar on April 26. Other upcoming events include a UMS band and choir concert at 7 p.m. on April 26 and a science day at Prairie View where UMS students come over and teach 10 different science activities.

The Meadowlark and Prairie View schools had successful spring open houses with a 80 percent and 91 percent turn-out rate. UMS did not see such a success with only a 30 percent turn-out and are looking for better ways to spread the news on events.

The reorganization of the board is on the agenda for next month along with many tabled items from the last meeting.

With the absence of Superintendent Lynn Utterback and board member Kip Judisch, many items were tabled for the next school board meeting which is tentatively scheduled for May 10 at 7 p.m.