Driver Education starts in June

1_sign-064DIRECT HIT!  — Just follow the tracks. A vehicle left I-15 North and zeroed in on the Valier exit sign taking it out. There were no skid marks or signs of braking. The PCSO has no information on who hit the sign. It may have happened during the recent snow storm.  Maybe this person needs to take a refresher course from Jim Carroll.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





The Driver Education program at Conrad High School is scheduled to begin the first week following the end of the school year. 

This year, the classroom phase will again span over a four week period which will include June 6-10, 13-17, 20-24 and 27-July 1.

Students will be required to attend all classroom sessions.  It is anticipated there will be two separate sessions daily.  Students will be scheduled into one of the two classroom sessions after student sign-ups are completed in April.  Driving will be scheduled throughout June, July, and if necessary, August.

In order to participate, the student must turn 15 on or before Dec. 1, and have plans to be enrolled at CHS for the upcoming school year or live within the Conrad Schools geographic jurisdiction.

Out of district students will only be accepted if room allows. Jim Carroll, a Driver Ed instructor tells the I-O, “A certified birth certificate, social security card, and completed license application should be brought to the first class session.”

There is a fee to take the class and it must be paid to Conrad School District #10 prior to the start of the course.

Students will be required to attend all classroom sessions, complete the required behind the wheel driving lessons, and complete the related observation time, for a total of at least 60 hours.

Students must pass both the classroom and driving portion of the course with at least an 80 percent (B- average) in order for his/her name to be submitted to the licensing bureau.

CHS will again be participating in the Cooperative Driver Testing Program (CDTP).  The state written exam will be taken during the classroom portion for those desiring to do so, provided all the necessary paper work has been completed.  The state driving exam will be administered by the state driving examiner.

Special parent meetings are scheduled for May 2, and again on  May 4. Meeting time is 7 p.m. in the high school commons.

Parent(s) are required to attend one of the two sessions in order for the student to be officially enrolled.

Sessions will last approximately one hour each night. The purpose of the meeting will be to explain how the program will be administered and the role of the parent(s) in the traffic education process. Parent involvement requirements and the Graduated Driver Licensing Program will also be reviewed.

Parents are encouraged to discuss the course with their son/daughter to determine if the course and related work is something they are ready for and that their personal schedule allows them to commit the time necessary for the course.

Students who currently struggle with regular school work will find this class very demanding.

Statistics show that in many cases it is better to delay training and licensing until the student is more mature. This leads to more success in the education process and ultimately in safer driving habits.

Instructors for this year will be Carroll and Phil Springer.  For any additional information, contact instructor Carroll at the high school at 278-3285.