Commission takes technology offer under advisement

Martin Burright of Morrison-Maierle Systems Corp. (MMS) was on hand to meet with the county commissioners on Wednesday.

The purpose of his meeting was to offer a proposal to provide Internet technology hardware support for the county.

MMS representatives would work on a “come when called, hourly basis with no contract required.”

Burright told the commissioners they currently provide services to area counties and cities, including Conrad, and are in the area on a routine basis as well as available for emergency services.

Conrad Mayor Wendy Judisch, on hand for a different matter, told the commissioners, “We’ve used them and we’re thankful for their services.”

The commissioners, Cyndi Johnson and Joe Christiaens took the matter under advisement.

There was one tax abatement for $1,269.77. There was no valuation on the tax roll for tax years 2009-10 due to a state error.

Also visiting with the commissioners was Neil Doty, President of Building Rural America through business development.

He wanted to outline his economic development work and the potential for development in the county.

Also present were Sara Converse of Sweetgrass Development, Cheryl Curry, Director of Pondera Regional Port Authority, and Mayor Judisch. This was a listening session with no action taken.

Commissioner Christiaens moved to approve the Draw #1 on the Growth Policy Grant through the Community CDBG program from the Montana Department of commerce in the amount for $7,500.

Commissioner Johnson gave this a second and it passed on a 2-0 vote.

In October of 2010, the 1978 Chevy one ton utility van (old ambulance vehicle) was declared surplus property and offered to the public for purchase.

There were no bids received and a private offer was made by Gerald R. Miller.

Commissioner Christiaens moved to sell the vehicle to Miller for $750. Johnson gave the motion a second and it passed on a 2-0 vote.