Burn permit info you need to know

With open burning season beginning March 1, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) reminds those who conduct open burning that only clean, untreated wood and plant material can be burned.

It is illegal to burn waste generated from residences such as tires, baling twine, plastic, treated or painted lumber, dead animals or animal waste.

The DEQ regulates open burning to protect public health and the environment from air pollution. The possible release of toxic emission is harmful to people, plants and animals - especially sensitive people like the young and elderly.

Prior to open burning, obtain a Pondera County Burn Permit and contact the Pondera County Sheriff Office (PCSO 271-4060) for notification of when you will be burning allowable materials.   The PCSO will monitor whether county restrictions exist.

Fire danger may also exist in some communities. County, state, and federal fire protection agencies regulate small fires, including campfires and barbeque grills, to prevent wildland fires.

Prior to any type of open burning, local fire authorities should also be contacted to determine whether burning is prohibited.

To obtain a Pondera County burn permit, which must be obtained prior to burning, contact in Brady:  Kurt Dyer, Dan Rouns or Dick Sawyer. In  Conrad: Pondera County Commissioners, Clerk and Recorder’s Office, Dave Freebury, Paul Kronebusch, Bob Lettenga, Morris Mancoronal, Elmer Philipps or Jeff Elings.

In Dupuyer contact Jim McCarthy.  In Valier contact Tom Peterson, George Stoltz, Neal Jannusch or Scott Curry.

If you have questions or need more information, contact LeAnne Hermance, DES Coordinator at 271-4040 or Corrine Rose, the Pondera County Sanitarian, 271-4036.