Netters play well at Best of the West

03_zomer-tennis_7471SMASH  — Cowboy junior tennis player Austin Zomer goes high to return a shot during play at the Best of the West tournament in Missoula this past weekend.  Photo courtesy of Brian Robinson





The Conrad Tennis teams departed early Saturday morning to attend the Best in the West Tournaments in Missoula.

In their last regular season matches the Boys Team played well against netters from Loyola, St. Ignatius, and ‘AA’ JV’s from Hellgate, Big Sky and Sentinel High Schools.

The Tournament at Missoula’s Playfair courts was hosted by Loyola High School and featured four brackets consisting of #1’s, #2’s, #3’s and #4’s in both singles and doubles.

#2 singles Camron Janzen lost in first round action to Hellgate’s #2, but then defeated Big Sky and Sentinel’s #2’s.

#4 singles Konnor Bjelland finished 2-1 as well losing early to Hellgate’s #4, but then besting Loyola and Big Sky #4’s.

Both players worked to improve their play during matches and didn’t let mistakes interfere with their overall game.  They played from point to point and focused on getting better instead of winning and it paid off it the end.

Calen King finished the day 1-2 defeating Loyola’s #2, but falling to Hellgate and Loyola #1’s.  Austin Zomer also finished 1-2 defeating Sentinel #4, but then falling to Hellgate’s #3 and #4.

In #1 and #2 doubles play, Luke Schlosser and Colter Knox defeated Mission’s #2, but were then bested by Hellgate’s #1 and #2.

Steven Peters and Kesler Martin went 2-2 on the day losing to Loyola’s #1 and #2, but defeating Big Sky #2 and Sentinel’s #1.

In the 3 and 4’s JV doubles bracket Brett Peters and Terrance Kleinsasser played well ending 2-1 and taking 3rd place after a 2nd round loss.  They defeated Sentinel’s #4, lost to Loyola’s 3 and then defeated Loyola’s #4.

DJ Mecham and Drew Drishinski ended the day 0-3 falling to Loyola and Big Sky’s #4’s and St. Ignatius’ #3.

At the UofM Campus Courts the Girls Team competed in the Best of the West Tournament hosted by Superior High School.

Conrad vied against Loyola, Fairfield, St. Ignatius, Darby, Superior, Townsend and Fort Benton in six brackets for 1-4 Singles and 1 and 2 doubles teams.

In the #1 singles bracket Kristine Warlick took 2nd place finishing the day 2-1.  She defeated Sarah Bowers of St. Ignatius and Deanna Woodhouse of Fort Benton before falling to Superior’s Cary Chamberlain in the Championship match.

In the #2 singles bracket Courtney Anderson had an early 1st round loss to Jane Makepeace of St. Ignatius and then played tie-breakers in her last two matches of the day.  She won her second against Carmilla Brusillati of Townsend, but then fell in a long match against Jordyn Johnson of Fairfield.

In the #3 singles bracket Megan Fetters finished 1-2 losing to Michele Reinelt of Superior and Kailey Bergren of Darby and then defeating MacKenzie Trudeau of St. Ignatius.

Alicia Fladstol placed 3rd after being bumped up from the JV Tournament because of a forfeit by Townsend.  She showed promise against stiff competition and ended the day 2-1.  She defeated Kailey Bergren of Darby, lost to Michele Reinelt of Superior and then bested Kaylee Ferris of Fort Benton.

In the #4 singles Jade Rodriguez ended the day 1-1 defeating Brittany Finch of Loyola and then losing to Kiana Cox of Superior.

Rodrigueze took 3rd because of an injury forfeit in her final match of the day.

In girls doubles #1 Emily Weisgram and Moranda Brenteson had signs of greatness throughout the day but finished 1-2 against strong doubles competition.  They lost early in a 3rd set tie-breaker to Sauro/Nielsen of Loyola, defeated Courville/Allard of St. Ignatius and then fell to Fairfield’s Barrett/Hoyt.

In the #2’s doubles bracket Rachel Lamb and Morgan VanDyke played together for the first time in competition and had a great showing.

They finished the day 2-1 and placed 5th in their bracket.  They lost in the 1st round to Haggarty/Sawyer of Loyola but then defeated Hogg/Raith of St. Ignatius and Shinaberger/Bailey of Fort Benton in a double tiebreaker 3rd set.

In JV doubles play Annabell Wittmier, Skylar Shirley and Lacey Jones switched partners throughout the day at the Girls JV Doubles Tournament also hosted by Superior at Playfair Courts in Missoula.

The combination of Wittmier and Shirley went 1-1 defeating Brewer/Tide of Darby and losing to Barta/Wagner of Fairfield.

Wittmier and Jones also finished 1-1 losing to Clausen/Marias of Fort Benton and defeating Flint/Tiffantaller of Loyola.

Shirley and Jones also finished the day 1-1 defeating boys doubles Menendez/Hruby of Loyola but losing to Williams/Bahm of Superior.

The boys and girls finished their season strong in Missoula and continued to use match play as a chance to improve their skills on the court.

They have worked hard all season and now get ready for a week of preparation before the Divisional Tournament in Cut Bank May 13-14.

The boys varsity and qualifying girls varsity players from Divisionals will then depart May 18 for the state tournament in Missoula.