Growth policies move toward adoption

After holding public hearings on April 26, 27, 28, the planning boards for Conrad, Valier and Pondera County are recommending that the governing bodies adopt the growth policies for each entity.

A handful of people showed up at each public hearing.

Each planning board included some changes in their recommendation for adoption. Their recommended changes are available for viewing at the city offices in Conrad and Valier and the courthouse for Pondera County.

The next step is for each governing body to adopt a notice of intention to adopt, adopt with changes, or reject the growth policy. Conrad Mayor Wendy Judisch recently noted, “This is a great document,” at a city council meeting, so rejection doesn’t seem likely.

After that, the governing bodies will make their final decision.

The notice of intent schedule looks like this: The county commissioners adopted their resolution of intention on May 11. The city will act on their policy on May 16 at the council meeting and on May 17, the Town of Valier will act on their resolution of intention.

The governing body’s final decision will be made by the commissioners for the county on June 1, Conrad June 6 and Valier June 13.

For more information contact the clerk of each jurisdiction