Know your city government

03_so_0134SPECIAL OLYMPICS  — Local and area law enforcement officers and team members from the area Special Olympics passed through Conrad last Tuesday with the ceremonial torch, headed to Bozeman for the opening ceremonies on May 11. More than 1,000 athletes from across the Big Sky will be on hand at the MSU-Bozeman campus in celebration of the games.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler

Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

With the recent resignation of former Mayor John Shevlin, the city has seen a new mayor come on board as well as a new councilman.

In addition, there are a few changes in committees that serve the public interest.

Councilwoman Wendy Judisch was appointed to fill the vacant seat when Mayor Shevlin resigned.

She was the first woman to be elected to a council position and is now the first woman (in Conrad) to be the Mayor of the city. Her term expires in 2012.

Sandy Syvertson is the council chairman. His term expires in 2012 and he recently filed for re-election to the city council.

Wally McHenry is another councilman and his term of office expires in 2012.

Ron Widhalm is the new alderman, appointed to his position when Judisch moved up to Mayor. His term expires in 2012.

Karla Breding fills out the four council positions. Her term of office expires in 2014.

Following are board and committee people serving Conrad on a volunteer basis.

Members of the Library board, serving five year terms, are Janet Spears, chairman; Greg Jensen vice-chairman; Monica Taylor, Jim Finlayson, Erin Brenteson and Mayor Judisch.

The Tri-City Interlocal board consists of Mayor Judisch, and aldermen McHenry and Syvertson.

The Park and Recreation board is comprised of Cody Dugan commissioner; Syvertson, board chairman; and Dawn King, Del Styren, Kevin Kovatch, Roger Paulsen, Ken Newmiller, Randy Hofstad, Jamey Byrnes and Krista Keiper.

The CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Loan Committee is made up of Syvertson, Mark Gage, Agnes Fowler (city finance officer), Breding, Vanessa Bucklin and Judisch.

The Industrial Park Committee is made up of Judisch, Rich Anderson (city public works director), Cheryl Curry, Shevlin, Widhalm and Everett Breding.

The Blue Sky Villa Lease Review Committee consists of Judisch, Syvertson, Chief Gary Dent and Anderson.

Breding is the city representative on the Northern Montana Joint Refuse Disposal District board (NMJRRDD).

The Police Commission, all of which are two year terms, is made up of Colin Veitch, Jean Duncan and Ron Bassham.

The Zoning Commission, is made up of Widhalm, Louise Christiaens, Brad Berthelson and Joe Irvin.

The City Safety board is made up of Widhalm, Anderson and McHenry.

The Accident Committee consists of McHenry, Syvertson, Anderson, John Calahan and Dent.

The City Budget Committee is made up of McHenry, Syvertson, Breding and Widhalm.

The Urban Supervisor is Brian Fladstol.

North Central Water board representatives are Shevlin, Curry and Anderson.

The City Planning board is made up of Chris Berg, president; Breding, vice president; Rick Moss, secretary; Dent, Judy Ellis, Laurie Eisenzimer and Barb Shephard.