First ever PTA started

By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

Conrad schools will be welcoming a new organization to their ranks, the Parent Teacher Association, or PTA. PTA is a national and state organization that can be set up around any school system and is open to all in the community. Even kids are invited to join and participate. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both the state and national PTAs.

The PTA works as an open forum between teachers, parents and the community to bridge communication and funding gaps. Each person who wishes to join, pays a yearly fee. Five dollars of this fee is then sent to the National PTA and the rest is pooled to fund events and classroom needs. The PTA helps to organize volunteers for the classroom and events.

They host their own events and create fund raisers to benefit the children in the school system.
Tiffany Lyons, a parent who was recently part of another PTA in Florida, is leading the way with the help of Greg Jensen, K-5 principal, and  Kim Hofstad, fourth grade teacher at Prairie View. They held their first meeting on May 17 and will be meeting again before June 9 to discuss membership dues and standing rules.

A board was voted on during meeting and it was determined that Lyons would be president. Each office can only be held for two years in a row unless the person is unopposed. Each school will have their own vice president to represent them.

Meadowlark’s vice president will be Bunny Burrows and Prairie View’s vice president will be Christine Larson. The secretary will be Shirlien Faull and the treasurer will be Mandy Younce.

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