Dollars for Scholars accepting applications

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Conrad Dollars for Scholars is now accepting applications for $19,220 of scholarships they have available for students who have completed at least one year of college. Applicants must have graduated from Conrad High School. By filling out one application, students will be eligible for 39 different scholarships this year.

The awards include the $370 Everett and Helen Elliot Scholarship that will be awarded to a student preparing for a career involving music or business and the $500 Mike and Blanche Moritz Memorial Scholarship that will be awarded to an education major. For those students majoring in an agriculture field of study, there are two awards this year. They include the $260 Marvin and Vivian Cheek Scholarship and the $500 Tom C. McCracken Memorial Scholarship. The $270 McDonald Family Scholarship in memory of Chuck and Delores McDonald is given to a student enrolled at a vocational school.


A $260 scholarship is from the Calie Keil Snoddy Endowment and is awarded to someone attending nursing school. A $2,100 scholarship from Lester and Kaye Johnson in memory of Todd Johnson goes to a student entering a field in sports medicine or physical therapy. Two other scholarships, one honoring Ira Perkins for $260 will be awarded to someone studying music or education and another from Conrad Building Center for $440 is for someone pursuing a degree in business. The Bliss Family has an endowment that will award three $500 scholarships for students pursuing a music degree, agribusiness degree or a religious background.


Two other scholarships, one honors the memory of Margaret Graham for $1,100 and is awarded to someone going into education and another for $2,500 scholarship is from the Rossberg Family endowment and is based on financial need. Another scholarship is in memory of Dola McCoy which awards eight $300 awards from the community endowment, and a $300 award from the All 50’s reunion.

Other scholarships this year include the $1,000 EDC scholarship and the $260 Dr. Wayne E. Walston scholarship that will be awarded to a student that intends to be a teacher. Our two newest awards are the $1,000 Mountain View Energy Scholarship and the $500 Conrad Community Education Foundation that is awarded for community service.

All scholarship applications are graded objectively by the local selection committee.

Request for a scholarship application may be mailed to:

Conrad Dollars for Scholars, P.O. Box 787, Conrad, 59425

An application can also be issued by calling Jim Meier at 271-5637. Applications must be returned to Conrad Dollars for Scholars by Aug. 1, 2011.