Grain cars slide off in Valier

09_train5266A LITTLE TIPSY  — Earlier this week a BNSF train pulling out of Valier had two grain cars go off the tracks. There were no injuries. The train was moving along at 5 mph at the time. An elevator crew cleaned up the spill. Photo courtesy of Jimi Hughes






There was a minor train derailment of grain cars in Valier on June 14 in the afternoon.

A BNSF train pulling out of the industry track in Valier derailed and two cars of grain landed on their side.

BNSF spokesman Gus Melonas tells the I-O that the train was going west from the grain elevator at about 2:45 p.m. when the accident occurred.

“About one quarter of their load was lost and elevator crews will vacuum the spilled product,” Melonas said.


The train did not impact the main line between Great Falls and Shelby, there were no injuries and the train, at the time, was moving at less than five mph, he noted.


The railroad will be checking out the condition of the cars which appeared to have only minor damage so they can be put back into service.

On a side note, he said that despite flooding in the state, “The BNSF lines are all open.”