I-O closed for 4th of July holiday


10_sun_0783SUNDOGS  — There was a strange ring around the sun on Monday afternoon. The ring is caused by cirrus clouds and moisture as high as 30,000 feet where temperatures are well below freezing. The moisture turns into crystals. The sun reflects off these ice crystals making a halo or ring. Not always, but folklore has it that a ring around the sun means rain is coming within 24 hours, but not always. Cirrus clouds are generally the first layer of clouds that are seen as a storm system. Sundogs, as it sometimes is referred to are mentioned as far back as early Greece. The origin of the name sundogs may be in the tail-like ray of white light sometimes sticking out at one end. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler






The Independent-Observer will be closed on Friday, July 1 through July 4 for the Holiday.

We will be back to work on Tuesday. Due to the holiday the I-O will be mailed on Thursday instead of its normal Wednesday time.

We hope that everyone has a terrific and safe holiday with family and friends. Be careful and watchful if you are driving out of town and we’ll see you next week!