Kitchen snag slows work at community center

11_elevator_8294JUST THE OUTSIDE  — The exterior portion of a grain elevator still stands after the grain cylinders were removed this past week, paving the way for the rest to come down in the near future. Shawn Vermulm of Vermulm Custom Harvesting took down the interior cylinders. I-O Photo by Barb Endler

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Kitchen work at the newly remodeled community center has hit a snag when the state fire inspector said a hood and sprinkler system were needed for the new range.

This comes about after plans by the inspector were previously approved. Cheryl Curry from the Regional Port Authority (PA) told the I-O on Monday, “It’s like changing the rules in the middle of the game.” There will be more on this topic next week after the county commission meeting on Thursday.

In other news from the PA, Curry reported that DeVoe’s Builders Service of Valier received the bid for a new home the PA will have constructed for $128,000.

SCORE representatives will be coming to tour Conrad soon and while not named, two businesses have visited the city to see about the possibility of coming here.


In related action for the PA, the council, on a 4-0 vote, moved to pass R-11/1054 which forgives a PA CDBG loan for $6,000.


Readers will recall that the Community Development Block Grant-Revolving Loan Fund (CDBG-RFL) was created from the repayment of a CDBG loan to ITB through the PA which began in 2007.

Since that time there have been 14 loans made totaling $313,815.

In 2010, there were four loans totaling $111,800 and so far in 2011 there have been two loans totaling $43,000.

Over time, there have been 12 jobs created and 16 full and part-time jobs retained.

There is only one loan which has been listed as “uncollectable” in the amount of $17,460.  “All of these loans except one have been to purchase or assist businesses in Conrad,” noted Curry.

In other council business, members approved two building permits; one for a deck at 607 Sunset Blvd. and one at 414 S. Michigan for fencing.

There were reports from department heads with Chief Gary Dent noting that the CPD received 174 calls in June.

In part, they ranged from four calls on suspicious persons, nine domestic situations, five businesses found open after hours, a number of reported scams, 12 rides home from taverns were given. There was one DUI, a sixth offense for the individual and there are 13 dogs and two cats in the pound.

From the CVFD, Chief Kevin Moritz and Shawn Sullivan reported there have been nine rural and 14 city calls, up from last year.

Chief Moritz told the council their ISO rating was good, which helps to keep their insurance rates down. He also explained how the complicated ISO rating system works.

Sullivan noted that the department will be installing the playground equipment at the new Keil Park in the near future.

City Works Director Rick Anderson reported that crews did some clean-up work from the fire- works shot off on the 4th of July at the ball fields.

He also noted that mosquito fogging was being done around town, new covers have been installed at the wastewater plant and a few lawns have been mowed by city crews.

A grader is in Great Falls to be fixed, he is not sure what the problem is yet, and water usage is up due to the hot weather.

A task order with the engineering group Morrison and Maherlie for $15,900 was OK’ed.

The next regular meeting of the council will be on July 18, 7:30 p.m. in city hall at 411-1/2 S. Main.