A new way to break in

14_handleGiven the time and opportunity, a thief will devise a new way to separate you from your hard earned money and credit cards.

And sure enough, a new way to break into your vehicle and into your life has begun to circulate.

A thief will punch a hole just under the lock on the door of your vehicle. Chief of Police Gary Dent tells the I-O, “This is usually done on the passenger side of the vehicle in hopes that you, as the driver, may not notice the hole for a while.”

The hole looks like a bullet hole at first glance and that may be your first thought when you see it.

The thief can reach in through the small hole and quickly release the locking mechanism just as if they had a key.


No alarms go off, there is very little, if any, noise, no broken glass, no anything.


Once you actually discover a break-in has taken place, you may be surprised that your GPS or other valuables may not be taken.

This is where it can get scary. The thief wants the break-in to be so subtle that you don’t even realize that it took place.

They can look at your GPS to see where “home” is. Now, they know where you live, they know what you drive, and if your vehicle isn’t there they break into your home.

The subtle entry also helps if they find a purse or wallet.

They leave the purse or wallet but take a credit card or two and then hope that you won’t notice that is missing for two or three days which gives them plenty of time to us the card to the maximum limit.

The thief will relock your doors when they are done and they hope you won’t notice the hole or entry for several days.

Be sure to check your vehicle from time-to-time and report any damage or missing items immediately to the CPD at 271-5723 or the PCSO at 271-4060.