Conrad’s young swim team is just getting started

15_state-makala_5749STRONG START  — Senior swimmer Makalya Barringer gets a great start and brought home the first place in the 100 back. She also placed third in the 50 fly at the state swim meet held in Chinook. Photo courtesy of Tanya Mycke


Conrad Swim Team spent last weekend in Chinook at the State Swim Meet.

The team qualified 29 swimmers at Divisional the previous weekend to compete, all of which went on to State ultimately resulting in 16 state placers.

This was a great showing as their competition was the 541 swimmers that arrived in Chinook from Hamilton to Sidney all looking to get a state swimming title, medal (top 3), or place at the tournament (top 12).

Even with this intense competition, the Conrad team had 3 state champions, Makalya Barringer in the Backstroke, Hunter Mycke in the 50 free and Dania Jones in the Individual Medley.   Also winning her first medal by placing 3rd at this tournament in the backstroke was Hayden Dugan.

The team earned three gold medals, two silver medals and five bronze medals in individual competition.


Team placers are as follows:  Ronnie Barnhill, Dania Jones, Allison Broesder, Andrea Russell, Nicole Erickson, Hunter Mycke, Makayla Barringer, Taryn Erickson, Jayde Richardson, Hayde Dugan, Roper Mycke, Shariden Richter, Nyssa Welker, Jalynn Krause and Skylar Shirley.


Conrad Swim Team also earned medals in relay competition: Conrad 9-10 girls relay (Dania Jones, Jesse Kinamon, Brooke Mycke, Allison  Broesder) earned silver in the free relay and took a bronze medal in the IM relay.

Seniors Girls relay (Makayla Barringer, Skylar Shirley, Taryn Erickson, Jayde Richardson) took a bronze medal in both the free and the IM relays.

Also scoring in the relays were 11-12 girls free relay (Ivy Kinamon, Andrea Russell, Raelynn Jones, Nicole Erickson) fourth place and Medley relay (Sheridan Johnson, Andrea Russell, Raelynn Jones, Nicole Erickson) sixth place.

The girls’ 13-14 free relay consisted of Sheridan Johnson, Hailey Yeager, Lacey Jones, Kinsey Harris. The girls’ 13-14 Medley relay consisted of Ivy Kinamon, Hailey Yeager, Lacey Jones, Kinsey Harris.

The overall meet was won by western powerhouse, Hamilton, which fielded 76 swimmers with Sidney, the last three years State champions, coming in 2nd.

The Conrad Swim Team ended up 5th in their Division.  Coach Jones noted that, “Almost every other team has several Senior Swimmers graduating. The Conrad Team will not lose a senior swimmer for three more years.   We are young, we work hard, and we are looking to be even better in the future.  Obviously we are very proud of our medalists, but our other young swimmers really stepped up and swam some great times this weekend.  We are expecting huge things from them next year.”

Coach Barringer noted that, “Every morning, at 6:15, when most other kids are still in their beds, these young athletes are showing up at the pool to begin their morning workout.   With practice from 6:30-8 a.m., 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 5-6 p.m.; these kids are learning that hard work has positive results.  The kids that swim in the summer are in great shape which will make a difference in school sports this fall.  The kind of dedication that it takes to work this hard always earns great results and is a great learning tool for the future.  These dedicated young folks deserve a couple mornings of sleeping in because school is just around the corner.”

What is even more exciting is that, with 24 new young swimmers involved in the Conrad Swim Team’s four to seven-year-old “Little Swimmer’s” program, this young team is just getting started.

Team scores and places at the state tournament looked like this: 1. Sydney, 838.5 2. Bitterroot 786.5, 3. Lewistown 576, 4. Chinook 455, 5. Columbia Falls 409, 6. Malta 308, 7. Glasgow 294.5, 8. Shelby 291, 9. Cut Bank 268, 10. Fort Benton 256, 11. Conrad 251.

Following are the individual results and places for the Conrad swimmers.


Boys’ 100 free relay, Riley Yeager, MaClay Harris, Roper Mycke and Brady Barnhill placed seventh. For the Boys’ 100 medley relay, MaClay Harris, Brady Barnhill, Riley Yeager and Roper Mycke also placed seventh.

In girls’ 100 free relay, Jalynn Krause, Morgan Skinner, Nyssa Welker and Hayden Dugan placed seventh. Hayden Dugan 9th-50 free, 3rd-25 back; Roper Mycke 12th-25 back; Shariden Richter 6th-25 back, 11th-25 fly; Nyssa Welker 9th-25 back; and Jalynn Krause 12th-25 fly.


Allison Broesder 9th-100IM, 10th-50 free, and 7th-50 fly; Dania Jones 1st-100IM, 2nd-100 free, 3rd-50 fly; Ronnie Barnhill 11th-100IM, 10th-50 back.

In the 100m free relay, the team of Jones, Broesder,  Brooke Mycke and Jessica Kinamon placed second. At the 100m medley relay, the same team took ninth.


Andrea Russell 5th-200IM, 8th-50 back, 10th-50 fly; Nicole Erickson 12th-200 IM; Hunter Mycke 1st-50 free, 3rd-100 free, 3rd-50 fly.

In the girls’ 100 free relay, Ivy Kinamon, Russell, Raelynn Jones and Erickson placed fourth. In the girls’ 100 medley relay, Sheridan Johnson, Raelynn Jones, Andrea Russell and Nicole Erickson placed sixth.


In the 100m free relay, the team of Hailey Yeager, Kinsey Harris, Sheridan Johnson and Lacey Jones placed 8th. The same team came in 9th in the 200m medley relay.


Jayde Richardson 10th-100 breast, 4th-100 free, 5th-400 free; Skylar Shirley 9th-100 fly; Makayla Barringer 2nd-50 free, 1st-100 back, 3rd-50 fly; Taryn Erickson 9th-100 breast, 9th-50 fly, 6th-100 fly.

In the 100m free relay, the team of Shirley, Erickson, Barringer and Richardson took third. In the 100m medley relay, the same team placed third again.