First annual Push On or Pedal to Work Day Aug. 26

By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

The Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce and The Independent-Observer are sponsoring the first annual Push On or Pedal to Work Day on the last Friday in August. This year the last Friday falls on August 26.

This event will be at no cost to the employer or employees and all are encouraged to participate.

Those who live out of town are encouraged to use the “park and ride” system. Simply park your vehicle in the G&D Hardware parking lot on the south side of Main St. or in the north side of the parking lot at the Pondera Village Shopping Center and walk to work from there.


Local businesses are “sponsoring” the event by donating “swag” to fill goody bags that the Chamber will be distributing during the day on Aug. 26. Those who participated by walking or riding their bike to work will be rewarded with water bottles and other free gifts.


Businesses that have employees participating in this annual event should contact Molly Bock at the Chamber of Commerce at 271-7791 to ensure that goodies will be delivered.

Riding your bike or walking to work encourages a healthy lifestyle, allows people to slow down and share a moment with neighbors and friends and gives the ecosystem a day of rest. There is a National Ride Your Bike to Work day that is participated in by thousands each year.