Spotlight on business: Custom Crop Care

20_customcrop_3887SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS  — The McKinley family stands behind the counter inside Custom Crop Care. From left are Bill Jr. and Michelle with their parents Teddi and Bill Sr. I-O Photo by Deanna Wakkinen


By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

From a town rich on values and community comes our ‘Spotlight on Business’ which highlights a business, gives emphasis on their contributions to our community and remembers their history.

Started 35 years ago, by Bill and Teddi McKinley, Custom Crop Care is the little-guy business that has worked its way up to being the largest independent liquid fertilizer dealer in the state of Montana. They also remain as one of the longest-lasting, independent fertilizer dealers left in the state.


Not only is Custom Crop Care a fertilizer dealer, they seed, spray and harvest. They also offer Ag chemicals, sprayer parts, household chemicals for lawn and garden use, sell tanks and deliver their product to the customer.


When B. McKinley was asked what makes his business unique to Conrad, he replied, “We care a lot about our customers, and our customers make us unique.” Over the years the McKinley’s have strived to give their customers only the best in customer service. An example of this would be the link between their home phone and office phone, so they never miss the opportunity to help a customer in need.


Bill and Teddi have raised a son and two daughters, Michelle Botsford and Bill Jr. continue to work hard within Custom Crop Care as their parents remove themselves from the limelight. Custom Crop Care will not faze out as it continues down the lineage as grandkids are raised within its walls.


Custom Crop Care also employs seven other employees and is a member of the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce in addition to supporting many local community events and fund raisers.

They are proud to be in its third year of the Back to School program. Each year they collect school supplies and monetary donations, as well as donate $1,000 of their own, and provide school supplies for children in the Conrad School system.

They are currently looking to expand the program and have been pursuing options such as providing to the breakfast program, supplies for teachers or sack lunches for low income families to take home over the weekend.

If you are interested in contributing to their Back to School program or are in need of school supplies, contact Michelle at Custom Crop Care, 278-3541 or Tammy Totdahl at the Meadowlark School, 278-5620.

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