Summer projects, greenhouse work come to a close at high school

By Deanna Wakkinen, I-O Reporter

With the first midterm of the year approaching, summer projects throughout the district are coming to an end.

The Conrad High School greenhouse has received a bid from Bain’s Plumbing and Heating for plumbing and floor heat work for a total of $17,685. This bid is lower than a previous bid. They have also received a bid from Garmond Construction for $2,025 for gravel work and a $5,300 bid for waterline digging.

The board of directors for the Conrad PTA met on Sept. 12 and a general membership meeting will be held on Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Prairie View. A membership drive and fund raiser will be discussed. The president of the PTA, Tiffany Lyons, will attend school board meetings and give a general report each month.


Enrollment is down in the high school from last year, from 202 to 186. This is due to a small class of freshman entering and a large class of seniors that left.


Todd Boehmler has resigned as assistant coach of fifth and sixth grade basketball. Tyson Anderson will continue his position as coach alone this year.

Tammy Jones has resigned as yearbook advisor and Monica Tomayer will again be the advisor as in previous years.

CHS student council advisor will be Principal Ken Larson.

Patty Becker has been hired as a full time aid in the elementary schools. She will work half time one-on-one with a student and half time as a Kindergarten aid.

Other part-time one-on-one aids that were hired for the 2011-12 school year are Amanda Younce, Tiffany Lyons and Jeanette Habets.

Conrad policeman Scott Holbrook will work as a volunteer CHS football coach. He has experience from playing football in college.

Frontline Ag has donated a John Deere Gator to the high school’s football team and maintenance.

Eligibility for sports has been run based on grades and only two students were placed on probation.

The SLATE grant will provide $11,000 more for the purchase of equipment for the district. This money will be used to purchase Smartboards, computers and other equipment for classrooms.

Technology coordinator Jill Swanson will attend the OATC conference in Missoula in September, November and January for more technology training.

The Conrad High School will be purchasing a baby grand piano for the auditorium from the Choteau High School for $6,500. The piano appraises for $8,000 and will be worth more after the pads are replaced and it is tuned for $750. The Booster Club has offered $2,000 toward the purchase of the piano and the district is looking to others for more donations.

The high school will begin RtI training which is a Response to Intervention program that helps to intervene with students before they enter the Title One program. They have been awarded a $2,000 grant for training.

The district is looking into becoming a member of MREA which allows districts to have more of a voice in legislature. The cost of a membership is $2,500 a year. This membership will be on the October board meeting agenda.

The suggestion for a replacement sign on Main Street across from Conrad Tire has made a plan come into action. Approval from land owners and the city has been received.

The Prairie View has received a new bell tower and students were able to ring the bell on the first day of school. They will continue to use the bell throughout the year to recognize students and accomplishments within the school.

The next school board meeting is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in the Russell Building conference room. The Russell Building is not handicapped accessible. The meeting will be moved to the UMS library upon the request of any person unable to attend a meeting because of a disability. Requests should be made to the personnel office at 278-5521 prior to the time of the meeting.