First reading of Ord.-403, Park/Rec board has retirees

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

There was a public hearing Monday to give interested people a chance to comment on the first reading of Ord.-403.

The 20-page document deals with building codes for regulating buildings in Conrad. The full ordinance may be viewed by interested parties during normal working hours at city hall. It is recommended that you call ahead to see the ordinance.

Two members of the Park/Rec board have retired; Randy Hofstad and Kenny Newmiller. They have served the city and public forever. The city plans to have special appreciation certificates to be presented to them at a future meeting.

Board members now include Cody Dugan, Commissioner; Sandy Syvertson council representative; Ken Larson, Del Styren, Dawn King, Phil King, Kevin Kovatch, Roger Paulsen, Krista Keiper and Jamey Byrnes.


Council members approved six building permits; 214 S. Michigan, 16 N. Wisconsin, 406 S. Delaware, 14 S. Virginia, 14 S. Minnesota and 508 S. Wisconsin. All deal with fencing projects and a shed.


No one had anything to say at the public comment segment of the meeting. Mayor Wendy Judisch noted she had checked the time allotted for individuals to speak.

Anyone wishing to talk during this segment of the meeting is allotted five (5) minutes. No action or comment can be made because this period is not an agenda item.

A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was approved with NorthWestern Energy. Negotiations will begin on a 10-year period to provide power to the city.

Finance Officer Agnes Fowler commented that the new credit card payment system to pay for city water bills has about 10 users. She also noted she will be away from the office for government training at Norley Hall.

Council members OK’d the closure of Main St. on Oct. 1 for the Harvest Fest parade and part of 4th Ave. for the annual event.

A task order and agreement for services with the engineering firm of KLJ (Kadmas, Lee and Jackson) of Helena was approved. It deals with design and drawing for the East Side Industrial Park and is for $56,000.

Two items, revising building permit fees and business cards for inspector Kyle Harlen were tabled until the next meeting for more information.

On a related item, a resolution was passed becoming effective immediately, allowing building permits to be approved by the building inspector.

The Aldermen approved putting in a BBQ pit by the Gazebo at NU Keil Park. Rich Anderson, Public Works Director noted some of the new playground equipment has been put up, however, some parts are missing, putting a delay in putting it all together.

Mayor Judisch commented that a grant for $750 for impact analysis was coming from NWE. It will be used to study the feasibility of using the vacant store next to city hall for expanded offices, a new court/council room and more space for the police department.

The next regular meeting of the city council will be on Oct. 3, 7:30 p.m. in city hall at 411-1/2 S. Main Street.

The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend and view their government at work.