Masonic Lodge #80 celebrates 100 years

26_mason_4019PROUD DISPLAY  — Everett Snortland has been a member of the Pondera Masonic Lodge #80 since 1976 proudly displays the Structure of Freemasonry which the Lodge is founded on. I-O Photo by Deanna Wakkinen


Pondera Masonic Lodge #80 has celebrated its 100th year. Started as the Conrad Masonic Lodge in 1911, it became the Pondera Masonic Lodge after the Valier chapter joined in 1989.

Currently the Lodge has around 60 members but not all reside in Montana. Over the years the organization has been proud to offer cash prizes to the top three winners in the local geography bee and the county spelling bee.


Pondera Masonic Lodge #80 also helps the Conrad High School’s boys go to Boys’ State.


They help the Valier Drama Club with raising funds for theater productions.

The Masons rely on principals that help their fellow man. They don’t solicit membership and those interested are asked to find a current member if they would like to join.

For the 100 year celebration, nearly 40 people came in recognition of the organization.

Rik Hill is the presiding Master of the Lodge and Tom Duffy, Deputy Grand Master of Great Falls was also present.

Other visitors came from Grass Range and Great Falls.