Remodeled community center gets a new official name


28_wood_9693GONNA BE WARM  — Joelyn Fleisher, Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) director, looks on as a pallet of wood is unloaded recently. The wood is cut and split by inmates at Deer Lodge and will go to low income individuals to help keep their utility bills and homes a little warmer during the upcoming winter months. The tractor to help unload the wood was donated by Pondera County. I-O Photo by Barb Endler





The community center, which has been going through a remodeling stage, has an official name now.

There was some discussion among the  commissioners, Cynthia Johnson, Joe Christiaens, and Sandy Broesder as well as thoughts from Cynthia Grubb, RN-CLC of the County Health Department, as well as LeAnn Hermance, DES Cheryl Curry from the Port Authority, Janice Hoppes, Clerk and Recorder and I-O editor Buck Traxler.

Other names turned in include calling it the Money Pit, which was submitted by a tired taxpayer.

Some more suggestions included naming it The Center, The Copper Building, Copper Hall, Conrad Community Center or the Annex.

Eventually, the Pondera Center was voted on and approved by the commissioners as the official name.


The County Health Department and others using the new building will begin to move in on Friday.


Grubb commented, I’m sure this will be a great center.” Commissioner Broesder noted, “We have a name!”

The Pondera Center sits in the middle of the block at 331 S. Virginia and is painted copper with green trim.

In other business before the commission, they approved the Montana Department of Transportation Standard Agreement.

This grant will provide $20,000 during FY-2011-12 to reimburse expenses of the Pondera, Toole and Teton counties Buckle Up Montana Program.

Two approach agreements were approved, one requested by Dale Seifert to encroach upon the Pondera County right of way on the Bullhead Road.

The purpose will be for installing a 15-inch culvert.

The other was requested and approved by Vance Raines, also on the Bullhead Road, for installing an approach on the south side of the road with a 15-inch culvert.

Commissioners OK’ed Clerk and Recorder Hoppes to effect a loan of $14,962.50 from the county general fund to the Pondera Regional Port Authority.

The loan may be repaid and/or forgiven under the terms of the Oct. 11 loan agreement.

The funding comes from an annual payment from the City of Conrad for Blue Sky Villa.

The money is to be used for the Port Authority revolving loan funds to small businesses within Pondera County or for operating funds.

No action was taken on a draft policy requested by the health department because the commissioners had not yet studied it.

However, the draft policy calls for the building and grounds at the Pondera Center to be tobacco-free.

More information on the policy will be forthcoming when it is adopted by the commissioners.