CHS students win Red Ribbon prizes

29_watterudCAMERA WINNER  — During Red Ribbon Week, students took quizzes daily to test their knowledge on drugs, alcohol and other risky behaviors and the winner with the most correct answers was Kelci Watterud. Watterud was presented a digital camera from Cheryl Sawyer donated by 3 Rivers Communications. Photo courtesy of Debbie Ostertag





During Red Ribbon Week at Conrad High School, students had the opportunity to fill out quizzes Monday through Thursday that tested their knowledge about drugs, alcohol and risky behaviors.

The quizzes were made up of questions like, “In the United States, ____ teenagers experience serious problems with alcohol.” (The answer is 4.6 million.)

As the purpose of the quizzes was to enhance student knowledge about the adverse effects of teenage drug and alcohol abuse and risky behaviors, students were allowed to research on the Internet to find the answers.

On Friday, the number of correct answers each student supplied throughout the week was tabulated. On Monday, the four students who had the most correct answers were awarded prizes.

The first place prize, a digital camera donated by 3 Rivers Communications, was awarded to Kelci Watterud. The second place prize, an AM/FM crank radio donated by 1st Liberty Federal Credit Union, was awarded to Danyelle Townsend. Jacob Gouchenour got third place and was awarded a First Liberty Blanket and Seth Moerkerke was awarded a First Liberty Bag for fourth place.