Arnot philanthropy carries on through scholarships

32_arnots_9145Conrad Dollars for Scholars announced with the creation of the Robert C. and Mary Ann Arnot Memorial Scholarship, established by their daughters Stephanie Rohrer and Susan Ellis, the Arnot legacy will continue.

This $20,000 endowment will benefit higher education students whose emphasis will be in business studies at the UofM.

The Arnot daughters have expressed the importance that these awards propagate the same positive energy that Bob and Mary Ann exhibited.

It was only natural that after raising a family where getting a good education was stressed, and following Mary Ann’s heartfelt intent, the family start this scholarship to help Conrad graduates.


The Arnots were diligent about giving an encouraging word to those seeking a university education. Both Mary Ann and Bob attended the University of Montana and Bob received a degree in business. He continued his university involvement with the School of Business board. They were stalwart Griz supporters.


The Arnots were involved in local and statewide activities and benevolent organizations.

Rohrer stated, “They were very generous with their talents, time and treasure.”

She went on to add, “Their strong business presence was an influence to their fellow main street partners.”

In conversations with Mary Ann, Ellis said,” Mom wanted to donate to Dollars for Scholars as a way to give back to the community that supported the Arnot business and family.”

Her wishes have been perpetually fulfilled through Conrad Dollars for Scholars.