Commissioners move on Valier recreation complex

Tom Hoover of Valier was on hand to meet with commissioners at their Wednesday morning business meeting.

He requested the county execute the lease agreement with the Town of Valier so a Babe Ruth baseball complex-recreation project could move forward.

The complex will be situated on county-owned property on the edge of the Valier airport.

Commissioner Cynthia Johnson noted that the description is incorrect in the lease agreement and they had notified Mayor Graye and have not received a correct agreement.

She told Hoover she would follow-up and contact the mayor for a corrected agreement.

Hoover told the commissioners, “We have had overwhelming support for the baseball field for Babe Ruth.”

Commissioner Sandy Broesder moved to approve the lease agreement, pending correction of the land description and final approval by Mary Ann Ries, the county attorney. With a second by Joe Christiaens the motion passed on a 3-0 vote.

At 10 a.m. a public auction was held on the courthouse steps to sell two cattle guards that had been declared surplus property.


Jeff Elings was the lone bidder and the 12-foot cattle guards were sold ‘as is’ for $110 each.


A vendor had approached the commission to see about selling tacos in a bag during the open house in conjunction with the Christmas Stroll on Friday.

A discussion revolved around the liability of the county for allowing the sale of food not prepared on-site as well as the extra cleaning it could create.

The commissioners decided to discuss their concerns with the county sanitarian and their liability insurance carrier before contacting the vendor.

Clerk and Recorder Janice Hoppes informed the commissioners she had been contacted by a representative from UPS proposing the county create an account for county shipping needs through the state’s contact with the carrier.

There would be no cost to the county, but there could be a substantial rate savings. The commissioners authorized Hoppes to pursue setting up an account with UPS under the state contract.

Kyle Harlen met with the commissioners regarding his proposal to provide building inspection services for commercial buildings in the county, excluding the incorporated areas.

They still had questions and asked him to research and report back whether the Blackfeet Reservation would be included in his contract or excluded and handled by the state.

No action was taken on this and Harlen will report back to the commission.

Commissioner Broesder moved to approved Draw #5 under the terms of the loan agreement with the Board of Investments’ InterCap Loan for the newly remodeled Pondera Center in the amount of $15,105.47 to pay Kronebusch Electric on invoices for electrical work.

By Resolution #13, the county adopted a pre-disaster mitigation plan. The county worked with LeAnn Hermance from the Disaster and Emergency Services, working up a plan that protects people and property from the potential “devastating effects of natural and man-made hazards.”

An employee request for removal of disciplinary action letters to be removed from a personnel file, or in the alternative, be sealed with restricted access to the personnel file was denied by the commissioners on a 3-0 vote.

The request was denied because  the current policy of the county is  being followed and access is restricted in conformance with the letter alternative stated in the request.

Mike and Joe Kleinsasser and Joe Wurz from the Kingsbury Colony met with the commissioners. Road Department Supervisor John Stokes was in attendance by speaker phone.

The purpose of the meeting revolved around the need for gravel on the Kingsbury Road.

It was noted this is a county road and has not been graveled for some time.

The commissioners were informed that there is substantial travel on the road and during last spring’s heavy rains and flooding, the road took a lot of impact.

Stokes was asked if the road was scheduled for gravel and said that currently it was not and there are other roads that have a greater need at this time and that gravel would have to be hauled in as the gravel needed for this road is not located in the immediate area.

Stokes did say he would take a look at the road and the schedule and get back to the commissioners.

The Colony does have gravel they would sell to the county to do the road.

No action was taken. The commissioners will get back with M. Kleinsasser after a follow-up was done.

Two commissioners will be gone, so there is no meeting on Dec. 7 for lack of a quorum.